Site Progress

Update: I’ve been able to import some older Blogger posts, which is the good news. However, keep in mind that some documents and files referenced in those older posts may not be accessible on the new WordPress site. I am working on getting these documents migrated over.

Greetings! Several pages of the site are up and running, including a short bio, my CV, list of publications, funding, and presentations. In the Bio section you’ll find a short description of myself and contact information. My CV page is where you can view my curriculum vitae or download a copy. Publications lists all of my current publications with easy access to Pubmed abstracts and/or a direct download of the journal article. The Funding page details my current and past research funding support. If you’d like samples of my recent presentations, lectures, or posters, please visit the Presentations page.

The last two sections not currently completed are Research Statement and Teaching Statement. The research statement will be an overview of my past, current, and future research accomplishments, agenda, and direction. The teaching statement will outline my teaching philosophy and goals for educating both undergraduates and graduate students.

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